EMBLEMA – Architectural Restorations in the Ancient Mediterranean is an international work group of scholars aiming at a better understanding of the repairs and restorations of buildings in Antiquity.

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Emblema (ἔμβλημα) in ancient Greek has several meanings, among which ‘repair piece‘ for a damaged stone block.

An example of a repair piece at Delphi (© J. Vanden Broeck-Parant)

An interdisciplinary team

EMBLEMA brings together experts in archaeology, geology, conservation and (legal) history in order to address ancient architectural restorations and repairs in a comprehensive way, including technical, legal, socio-economical and cultural aspects.

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A wide scope

The project encompasses a wide chronological scope – from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity – and a wide geographical scope – the Mediterranean region – in order to draw comparisons between the various responses to damages, decay and ruin in different regions and at different times.